Welcome to 24adm Marketing Cohort

3 months cohort by marketing community volunteers

24adm is a community initiative where marketers from Malaysia, India, Vietnam are coming together to share insights with students.
From 15th April 2024, marketers will guide students in online and offline lectures to build their own Semantically SEO optimized websites in 3 months.

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‘Giving growth’ is the driving ethos of this cohort


Weekly track helps mentors know the gaps and strengths

Academic partnerships

Indira Institute of Management, Pune is the academic partner for this cohort

Hybrid Cohort

Students get to learn in-person

Confirmed Mentors

Collaboration Opportunities

Brands - You are welcome to hire passouts of this cohort for SEO fresher roles.

Universities & Institutes - You are welcome to partner with us, have students enrolled in April-June cohort

SEOs & marketing leaders - You are welcome to contribute 1 hour & deliver an online session with a 'Give Growth' ethos.

Sponsors - You are welcome to support this cohort in kind (SEO/ AI writing tools and more) or cash & it will be used to strengthen the cohort.

Partners and Sponsors

This is a cohort where students learn and gain insights, at zero fees cost.

If you are an university or institute, feel free to reach out to enroll your student. Last date 15th April 2024.

For any enquiry, Email Us: cohort@24adm.com



What are the prerequisites for joining the International Marketing Cohort?

If you have excellent English written skills, then you can have higher chance of excelling in this cohort. However, participants should have a keen interest in marketing and be willing to commit 3 hours daily for learning SEO and content skills.

How does this cohort integrate real-world projects into the curriculum?

Participants will work in groups to generate 20,000 words of content using their SEO and content skills, with the aid of AI tools. This hands-on project allows students to apply their learning in a practical context, simulating real-world marketing challenges.

What is the commitment level required for this marketing cohort?

Participants should expect to dedicate 3 hours daily for self-paced learning and group projects. Additionally, there will be live lectures for 3 hours per week and a 1-day offline training session in Vietnam and Pune, India.

Who are the instructors and mentors for this marketing cohort?

The cohort features a diverse group of mentors and instructors, including Anvesha Poswalia from Unilever, Kulwinder Singh from SG Analytics, Daren Low, an affiliate marketer from Malaysia, Anshul Motwani from WittyPen, and Shachi Arkatkar from Graas. Their varied backgrounds in digital marketing, e-commerce, and performance marketing will provide a rich learning experience.

How does the cohort facilitate networking and collaboration among participants?

The cohort encourages collaboration through group projects and offers networking opportunities during the live lectures and the offline training sessions. These interactions are designed to build a community among participants and mentors.

What are the learning outcomes participantscan expect from completing this cohort?

Participants will gain hands-on experience in SEO and content creation, understand the nuances of digital and international marketing, and develop the ability to leverage AI tools in content strategy. This practical knowledge will prepare them for various roles in the marketing field.

What are the evaluation and assessment methods used in the cohort?

Weekly assessments will be conducted to gauge participants' understanding and application of the course material. These assessments, combined with the final project of generating 20,000 words of content, will form the basis of evaluation.

What opportunities are available for participants after completing the cohort?

Upon completion, participants may explore further educational opportunities, pursue certifications in digital marketing, or leverage the Marketers' Community 24adm network for professional growth. The skills acquired can also enhance their prospects in the marketing industry.

How can universities and institutions partner with the International Marketing Cohort cohort?

Universities can participate by sending their students to the cohort. The assessments and growth observed in students can be recognized as internal credits by the universities, integrating the cohort into their academic framework and offering a practical dimension to their marketing curriculum.